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Trusted since 1974, The Catholic Counseling Center has helped clients cope with the emotional, medical, and psychological issues of everyday life.     See Below for a complete listing of our services.


 The Catholic Counseling Center  has been providing marriage counseling, individual psychotherapy, and family counseling in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties since 1974. An announcement of these services appears most Sundays in the church bulletin of 148 different parishes.  

                                                     PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS

All counseling and therapy are provided by therapists who are Clinical Social Workers or Ph.D. Clinical Psychologists, all of whom are licensed in the State of New York and possess professional malpractice insurance. The selection process includes an in-person interview with Dr. George Giuliani, who has been the Director of the Catholic Counseling Center since its inception. REFERRAL PROCESS: Parishioners desiring family therapy and/or marriage counseling and/or individual psychotherapy may contact the Center at 631-243-2503 for confidential information or appointments. All such calls are usually returned by a Licensed Psychologist on the same day the call is received. Typically, parishioners learn of the program from parish bulletins, from parish staff, or from other participants. All these services are available.

PLACEMENT WITH THERAPISTS: When someone contacts the Center, a psychologist determines the nature of the problem. If there is evidence of serious mental illness the parishioner may first be referred to a psychiatrist or hospital. Then the appropriateness of therapy can be evaluated. There is no fee for the phone consultation.

HEALTH INSURANCE: In those instances in which therapy is needed by people with health insurance, they are referred to a therapist who is a registered provider with the person’s specific health plan. As there are numerous insurance companies, and no therapist is affiliated with all of them, it is necessary to identify a therapist who is registered with the person’s particular plan. In almost all cases, a participating Catholic Counseling Center therapist, who is a registered provider, will be available. In some instances, however, it may be necessary to assist the person in locating a therapist not affiliated with the CCC. In those instances, we help locate a therapist outside our organization. There is no fee for this phone consultation, either.

LOW-COST THERAPY: When someone does not have insurance or the resources to afford therapy, the Catholic Counseling Center attempts to arrange for assistance at little or no cost. Although it is not possible to provide low cost therapy for all who cannot afford it, by using a mix of agencies and sources, we are able to help in almost all cases. In many instances, CCC participating therapists provide therapy for a nominal fee. In other situations, we are able to recommend those in need of therapy to funded programs. The Catholic Counseling Center is a proprietary professional corporation which is independent of and not controlled or supervised by the diocese. Our commitment remains unaltered since the program’s inception: help in identifying an appropriate placement for those who seek assistance.

Pope Pius XII was remarkably insightful when he wrote that “…the full development of religious values is impossible if people do not begin with a well-balanced and healthy mind.” The Catholic Counseling Center attempts to provide psychotherapeutic services, using therapists who are sensitive to the tenets of the faith. Please understand that we will never attempt to talk anyone into or out of anything. We will never try to talk you into or out of your marriage, your job, your faith, etc. We help you get insight into your self and then you form your own conscience. When emergencies of a psychological nature arise in a parish, consultation is available to the parish staff at any hour of the day or night by calling Dr. Giuliani on his cell phone at 631-987-3828.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. George Giuliani at 631-243-2503 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.


                                                              CCC SERVICES
ADD & ADHD Aids Counseling
Adolescent Counseling Adult Counseling
Anger Management Anxiety
Assessments Behavior Modification
Bio-Feedback Blended Families
Budget Counseling Cancer Counseling
Career Counseling Child Counseling
Child Custody Co-Dependency Counseling
Cognitive Therapy Communication Skills
Coping Strategies Couples Therapy
Crisis Counseling Depression
Diagnostic Testing Disability Counseling
Divorce Counselling Domestic Violence
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Eating Disorders
Emotional Problems Family Counseling
Gender Identity Counseling Grief Counseling
Holistic Approaches
Incest Counseling Life Transitions
Marital Conflict Mid-Life Concerns
Multicultural Counseling Parenting Issues
Peer Pressure Premarital Counseling
Preventive Care Psychological Testing
Psychotherapy Self-Esteem & Confidence
Sexual Abuse Sexuality Problems
Weight Management Women's Issues